"Dragons are the watchers and protectors of the elements of fire, water, air and earth. This wisdom takes us to the core of their world and ours. "

The Mystical Realm Masterclasses are designed to spark and ignite the soul’s fire. Sparking the curiosity of the childlike energy within you, allowing the joy and awe of the brilliance of possibilities to guide and facilitate you to personal self-healing and development.

Welcome to a world that allows us to see and believe in the magic of a world that each and everyone will see in their own way. This is the beautiful process of allowing the curiosity and wonder to return. To allow oneself to let go of needing to prove or check the facts. This is the place where we step into the imagination, the childlike mind, and allow the world beyond us to provide some of the most amazing experiences and healing. Most of all, to allow you to see that not all is to be explained or feared. To open your mind to the unlimited possibilities. This is how we become brilliant and bright. We shift our gaze to perceive the universe as a place where all things are possible, because why not? This is a way to bring joy into our hearts! Are you ready to become curious and discover that there is so much more about you?

Focusing on the Dragon energy, as the watchers and protectors of the elements of fire, water, air and earth. This wisdom takes us to the core of their world and ours. We all have a dragon within us and it’s not to be tamed but harnessed. To guide us to work with the universal energy and that which exist in us.

Oh yes, and it’s simply just fun to sit as Modern Day Mystic, Corrie Thorne channels the energy and wisdom of the mystical realm. This shall be intriguing!

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Corrie Thorne-Cameron

A Modern-day Mystic, Published Author, Inspirational Storyteller, Channel, Psychic Medium, Lightworker & Mentor, Spiritual Teacher/Coach, Consultant & Healer. 

Nice to meet you! I am the founder/creator of the More Than Existing™️ brand, books, and self-actualization coaching program. My ‘why’ to the work, is to share my stories and gifts in the hope that others may discover that they are so much more than the stories, fears, and insecurities. To become loyal to the longest relationship you will ever have, the relationship with you. As I often share with others, "If you could see what I can see you would never doubt you again!”

I am a woman with a passionate heart, blended in diversity and love, with a belief that the truest of you is waiting to be discovered when you take the journey inward to discover the divine within.

I may never be the right fit for the world, but I finally belong in my world, and I open my heart to invite in more love each and every day.

Much love, Corrie