The Revival Of The Divine Feminine

"Goddess Within" Masterclass Series

The Revival of the Divine Feminine "The Goddess Within" Masterclass Series is a commitment and journey to dive deep into the aspects and essence of your true self.

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Spiritual Detox & Reset Masterclass

The fourth in the Divine Feminine "Goddess Within" Masterclass series.

Spiritual detox in the revival of self is like cleansing, clearing, and decluttering the home. If you can see yourself as a temple and that the home needs decluttering and the garden needs weeding. You can clean and weed out the weeds, open the curtains to let light in, remove obstacles and barriers that stand in the way of feeling lighter, clearer, and create space to breathe.

During this Masterclass series we will focus on regenerative and revitalizing the vitality of the spiritual body. Connecting to the power of the emotions as a superpower when connected to positive energy. We will guide you to clear the energy, embody the light, and come into the deeper understanding of the heart’s stories of love, to reset, start fresh and become anew.

The soul is just waiting for you to come home and spend time with you! 


Discover the Goddess Within

Join Emotional & Spiritual Consultant, Corrie Thorne as she guides you through the 4 quadrants of the Goddess Healing Circle of releasing, surrendering and letting go.

Moving towards the wisdom of the divine feminine energy, bringing awareness and focus to the accomplishments you may have forgotten along the way. Creating a mission statement of truth that you can send out to your future self.

In Discovering the Goddess Within we will travel through your body, learning how to build trust within yourself as you stand within your femininity. The time has come for you to choose how she walks, how she dresses, and how she appears! Most of all she will no longer be an imitation, a shadow, or only pieces of herself. You will stand in your own light as the woman, however you define her to be, knowing she is here to fully live her life.


Goddess Circle of Healing

My Beautiful Goddess! Yes, You!

This is a time of expansion and growth within. You my friend are worthy of seeing, exploring and living in the light and love the universe has provided! You are one of us, you are a goddess and you are now invited to join the circle of all the goddesses and those who have walked before us! You are being invited to not just live but to awaken. To heal the stories of the ones who have walked before you and to create a stronger circle for those who follow. It’s time, an age of awakening, you are a part of the evolution of the awakening goddess! You are much more than the external. The external is the home that houses the spirit and soul of the goddess, you are here to live and embrace the feminine!


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