What if the best part of you is hidden behind the fear?

Are you always in FEAR? Jumpy? Always wanting to know what is ahead or what will be happening before you proceed? Are you always needing all the details?

Are you frustrated or feeling stuck? If your answer is YES than this coaching series maybe right for you!

You may have an inability to trust your own intuition or mistaking your energy for another. But perhaps you are also feeling that it is time to allow your intuition to guide you into having faith in you!

Intuition is not in your head, it is the ability to see what is walking or flowing into you. To see, feel, and sense the surrounding and not to be fearful or allow the inner child/younger adult aspects of the emotional self and behaviours have you running away because of an inability to trust in yourself. 

In this 4 part group coaching session, Corrie Thorne will coach and consult with you to trust you and your surroundings. To trust that you don’t need certainty but rather faith in you and your built-in guidance system. 


Understanding Spiritual Depression

Spiritual depression is the type of depression that comes from a mindset of being alone, depleted, disconnected from faith in self, and unsure of love and light. It feels like you have lost your spark or your joy! Maybe you are just now becoming aware of how disconnected to you, you have been.

  • Do you feel like you have given your all and it still is not enough?
  • Are you frustrated, wanting to quit, or always changing things in your life but still never satisfied with the results?
  • Are you just tired, done, and have no idea where to go next?
  • Are you lost in the vision of who you used to be, or what once was, that it feels impossible to move into a vision of the future?
  • Do you find yourself in a new place of being an empty nester, going through a major life change, menopause, or struggling with identity and feeling separated from your mind-body-soul connection?

This four part group coaching series offers a blend of spiritual, angelic, and transformational coaching and healing tools to help you come back into you.

This is not a treatment program but a means to help equip you with valuable tools, skills, and wisdom, in a safe environment for you to ask questions, explore, and discover the power of the will to choose to come back into you.