Healing the Inner Child

Are you aware that you carry the story of your mother and all who came into contact with you there after? In Corrie's extensive training as a healer she has discovered the undeniable link that is an important part of the healing process. You carry the stories of the history of your mom, through the umbilical connection that started in the womb. And its not just your mom's stories that you carry, but your grandmother's, great grandmother's and so on.

Ancestral healing is an important part of the healing journey. Going back to the beginning, back to basics is where we start to explore, but is not where the healing needs to start.

In this course we will explore, accept and love who you are today, and create a space within you to allow you to be aware and acknowledge the great work you have already accomplished. To know you have already created a foundation which can be strengthened through adding new light to the cracks, allowing healing to progress from here.

Your inner child is a part of you that becomes part of your identity, your ego, and your superego. Establishing that you are valuable and worthy of all this life has to offer is a crucial part of the healing process.

  • How often are you holding back on saying what you need to say? Or talking constantly without a breath or trying to speak over everyone else?
  • How often do you say, “That’s okay I can wait” or “It’s not important,” all while knowing and feeling that it was important and once more you discredited the value of your own emotions, feelings, wants and needs?
  •  How much of this behaviour is still present within your life? Are you being seen or heard?
  • What happens to your energy when you feel as if you have once again allowed yourself to feel as if you have no value?

Join Corrie as she guides you along your path to help you understand, accept, and fall in love with your inner child and step forward now as the adult you are meant to be.

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Corrie Thorne-Cameron

A Modern-day Mystic, Indigenous Published Author, Inspirational Storyteller, Channel, Psychic Medium, Lightworker & Mentor, Spiritual Teacher/Coach, Consultant & Healer. 

Nice to meet you! I am the founder/creator of the More Than Existing™️ brand, books, and self-actualization coaching program. My ‘why’ to the work, is to share my stories and gifts in the hope that others may discover that they are so much more than the stories, fears, and insecurities. To become loyal to the longest relationship you will ever have, the relationship with you. As I often share with others, "If you could see what I can see you would never doubt you again!”

I am a woman with a passionate heart, blended in diversity and love, with a belief that the truest of you is waiting to be discovered when you take the journey inward to discover the divine within.

I may never be the right fit for the world, but I finally belong in my world, and I open my heart to invite in more love each and every day.

Much love, Corrie