Reclaim Your Divine Voice

7 Weeks of Inner Transformation

Live Online Tuesday Evenings

May 7 - June 18, 2024

Using a blend of Human Design, the Gene Keys, and Lightworker Coaching we embark on a journey together to dive deep into the 7 activations in the throat chakra that will be stimulated in the collective consciousness during May 7 - June 18, 2024

This period of time is nestled in-between the Gate of the Driver (Gate 2) and the offerings of the Summer Solstice bringing us into Gate 15, the love of Humanity and the love of Self.

The throat center holds the vibrational codes for all languages ever expressed. It is our guidance system towards deep inner listening and ability to attune into higher vibrational frequencies, along with governing our ability to express, manifest, and metabolize energy.

During May 7 - June 18, 2024 we experience openings in 7 of the 11 gates within the Throat center. Moving us through the lower vibrating and higher vibrating frequencies. This provides the journeyer who is ready to listen a powerful opportunity to self actualize your true divine nature and release the suppression of conditioning that has silenced the voice of the Feminine for far too long.

  • Gate 23: Assimilation (Complexity - Accumulation - Simplicity). Ability to communicate individual insights.
  • Gate 8: Contribution (Mediocrity - Imitation - Style). Ability to make a personal contribution.
  • Gate 20: The Now (Superficiality - Self-awareness - Self-assurance). Ability to receive instant clarity / action.
  • Gate 16: Selectivity (Indifference - Laziness - Versatility). Ability to skillfully master something
  • Gate 35: Progress (Hunger - Self-indulgence - Adventure). Ability to progress through experience.
  • Gate 45: Gathering Together (Dominance - Insecurity - Synergy). Divine wisdom leading through education.
  • Gate 12: Standstill (Vanity - Aloneness - Discrimination). The ability to practice discernment. Socially cautious.

Registrants will receive a guided visual, written, and auditory recording of each gate as it becomes opened within the collective consciousness, along with self reflection questions to support ones journey through experiencing the current energy. Registrants are invited to participate in a online gathering on Tuesday evenings through zoom, to collaborate, share, and extract wisdom from the group dynamics during May 7 - June 18 (7 weeks).

Must pre-register to attend.

This class has now started. If you wish to inquire about late enrolment please email us
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Terms and Conditions

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to register.
  • Content provided through this course is not intended to replace any psychological or medical advice. Clients are responsible in forming their own conclusions and making their own decisions.
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Meet your Guide

Lisa Richard is a certified Reiki Master / Teacher, Emotion Code Practitioner, Ancestral Healer / Past Life Reclamation, Lightworker Coach, Human Design Guide, Intuitive Channel / Oracle Card Reader, and Keynote Speaker living on Vancouver Island.

Lisa specializes in helping individuals to understand their unique gifts, build a deeper faith within themselves, and address the self-sabotaging behaviors or fears that tend to stand in the way. She uses her gifts as an empath and intuitive channel to guide clients towards fulfilling the calling of their life purpose.

If you are ready to shine your light out into the world, embrace the shadow of your imperfection, and take the necessary action steps in reclaiming responsibility for your destiny, then reach out and let us walk side-by-side together in love and support.

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