Releasing The Past

More Than Existing Coaching Series
Level 1 - Module 2

More Than Existing™ is a self actualization coaching program developed by Spiritual and Emotional Consultant, Corrie Thorne packed full of self help tools, proven methods to assist in removing blockages, and guidance as you learn to empower yourself to build a strong foundation and claim back your power, light, and worth.

Continuing the journey into Level 1: Module 2 we examine the stories of the past to recognize the truth beyond. The way home to you starts with knowing who you are not. It’s recognizing we all have a history and a past. We all play many characters in our own stories. Releasing the past, making peace with what was, and discovering the treasures within is part of the journey. The energetic connection to the past may be holding you further away from your now!

During this five part coaching series we examine:

Explore Past-Life Healing

Returning to Past Appeasing Reactivates Trauma is like an alarm system going off in the mind and nervous system. The longer it’s going off the more frustrated we become. We have made a habit of appeasing the comforts of our lives to avoid reactivating the stories we have suppressed. Real positivity is not in the pleasing and smoothing over as we may have been conditioned to believe, or the use of humour and sarcasm to mask the pain. Spiritual healing is the spirit inside breaking through the pain and providing a feeling of uncomfortableness as it’s light starts to shine light upon what we try to hide the most, ourselves! 

Understanding Archetypes

The soul contracts are the contributing part of the human experience and the stories we live in during the time we are here on earth, but can be a continual story of another life time that has the invisible thread still attached. Each story has characters or roles that you and others involved are playing, these are the character archetypes and you will often see these characters in tarot cards. In Jungian psychology, and with the forefathers of psychoanalysis, such as Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell and his “Hero’s Journey” theory they discuss the not so unique unconscious roles we play from story’s and myths that when copied or repeated enough become habitual to the roles we play.

Understanding Spiritual Contracts

Remember that old saying, “You made a deal with the devil?” or “You made your bed, lay in it?” those are what we refer to as human fear contracts. Then there is the binding contracts in the human way of learning to stay in integrity. The contracts we are exploring are the soul contracts we create when we are still in the spirit form. We have a wholeness, a light, and vast years of experience along with: strengths, weaknesses, talents, and knowledge. We also have patterns, habits, beliefs, and relationships that have not yet come full circle. We have created some blockages or lead the past to be very directed and developed in some areas and underdeveloped in others. Understanding contracts means becoming aware of role playing and which character you are participating in, in addition to roles others may be playing in your life.

The Power of Words. How to Change Your Language to Support A Healthy You.

Words are a language, consisting of spoken sounds and written to represent meanings of consistency in a collective world. Independently, combined, projected, or spoken with emotion, words and meanings change and project a vibrational attachment. Humans gave words value and attached them to feelings such as: good, bad, happy, or sad. Deep connection and bonds can be made or broken with the use of words and we are often unaware of words that trigger our brain and hearts to respond in certain ways to feed an old story. Conveying your story back to yourself, your friends/family and life will be perceived in the way they hear it or the way they read it based on their emotional energy at that time.

Curious about the More Than Existing coaching program? We invite you to watch the first lesson to discover if this course is right for you.

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Spiritual & Emotional Consultant, Corrie Thorne

Author and Creator of the More Than Existing™ book and self-actualization coaching program. Corrie, a woman who is keeping it real! She is blended in love and ancestral diversity, a woman of Mi’kmaq First Nations descent, blessed to channel the wisdom of the ancestors and the divine. A mystic, keynote speaker, certified psychic medium, oracle card reader, Reiki master and teacher, spiritual and past life healer, and so much more.

A business woman for over 30 years, she knows how to fail, fall, and get back up. Today she knows her worth, she knows what it takes to build a great team. Corrie’s mission has always been to talk with people, not just to people. To make every voice and face matter, for we all have the same light within. She brings the guidance of love from all in the spirit world, that we are here to experience the moment with awe, wonder, with faith, and not fear.

Today she is More Than Existing™ and after years of making women look beautiful from the outside in and being the unpaid life coach, she changed gears, stepped away, healed the wounded Healer in her, and started a movement to guide others through what she knows works to change themselves from the inside-out, move beyond the reflection of the fear, and into a life of More Than Existing™ a professional life/ business coach who truly walks the talk!

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