Expanding on the Introduction to Angels Course - Connecting To Angels this intermediate course dives deeper into understanding:

History of the Angels

Angels are messengers, protectors and gatekeepers of the realms. They are also placed in ranks of hierarchy of the spiritual realms and roles, this is known more commonly as the higher order of the angels. This starts with those who are closest to god.

Governing Law of the Angelic Realm

We don’t know the "whys”, we only understand the feeling of love, safety, strength, compassion, and security and these are the qualities that are ever present in the laws that govern. Forgiveness is always the key to unlocking the flow of abundance and pathways to the higher realms. This is the place of the heart, following the heart, and the heart centered place of the magic of miracles. Follow the laws of the heart and we shall be closer to the likeness of the God conscious golden light of ascension your truest self.

Heaven and Earth Connection

The structure and foundation of the angelic realm and the heavenly realm is so very similar but also quite different. The similarity is in the hierarchy, coexistence, classes, socialites, celestials, patriot, and the patriarch. There is always someone commanding, listening, acting out, passing on the message, and doing the work that is needed to run a well organized system.

Earth Angels

These are the Angels among us and within us, living with us. The people we have forgotten, those we take for granted, and the animals who are living in our homes and in the fields. The everyday people and the ones with wings you can’t see. The healers, the helpers, the everyday people, and the ones who clearly are unaware that the Angels above have whispered in their ear, touched their hearts, cleared the air, and gave courage throughout the fights and struggles of the blindness of the human world.

Crystal, Indigo & Rainbow Children

The Crystal Children are often the introverted and had no desire to come to earth but are here to learn, gain knowledge, and how to interact in the human world, the observers, deep thinkers, drawn to the energy and intrigued by the pull of the forces. These children can be intense and compassionate and can take the energy as a sponge or steal and zap the energy to fuel their needs in the moment.

Indigo Children are the Earth Angels who know they are supposed to be here, came planted to perform the mission at hand, to be the force to reckon with, and to sometimes learn the truth of control, partnership, listening, and loving compassion. If you need a boss for a project or a class leader their hands are up and the ball is rolling. They are a great asset to this world and when they learn that the lesson of karma is in the story, their difficulty in trusting another to do the job, or that they cannot always be the boss or a rebel out of control is understood.

Angels and the Elements

The Angels are connected to all things and people upon this material world including the elements of earth, air, wind, and fire. There is an energy that is fueled with the energy of the Angels and the tie to using the element to be of service as a tool to move, shift, clear, and heal. The Angels of the natural elements start with: Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel

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