The Story of Tarot and their Connection to Angels

The Story of Tarot

The original purpose of tarot cards were for playing cards, along with many stories of how the cards were being used for the purpose of connecting to divination. They continued to be used for this purpose throughout two centuries and is believed to have originated in Egypt, making there way into Europe in about the 14th century. It is said that the first original hand painted set was originated and not much about the design has changed since. With time, many different themes and styles have been created. What has stayed the same is the set up of major and minor arcana, the four sets are made up of wands, cups, coins (pentacles in some regions) and swords. The number of cards are typically seventy-eight cards.

Traditional Tarot is still the most popular in the divination tools used today, even though they are much more difficult to use compared to tea leaves, oracle cards or pendulums they are still in very high demand. Tarot can sometimes be unpleasing to the eye, until the images are fully understood, and is not for everyone, so over the years the cards have been redesigned to reflect a softer side but still have the same connection to divination.

Connecting the Angels to Tarot

Traditional tarot has for many years been perceived by some as reflecting the darker side of our spiritual work and it can sometimes be unsettling to see such cards as the death card, hangman or some of the sword cards, without understanding their true meaning. The traditional images may make a potential client with a traumatic past feel very uncomfortable and closed off.

Softer designs to Tarot cards, such as the Angel Tarot Cards originally developed by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, The Good Tarot developed by Collette Baron-Reid, The Angel Tarot by Jayne Wallace, and Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine, were created over the years depicting a more pleasing imagery creating a soft and gentle environment. This was the ultimate goal for any card reader or even for yourself if you feel uncomfortable with Tarot.

The messages within Angel Tarot cards seem to have been created to be not as complicated to communicate and without diluting the traditional message of the tarot.

Finding the deck of style is all about what you are comfortable with. Remember no matter the deck you choose you are ultimately going to receive the same message every time because all decks are a direct like to the messenger and are a divination to source energy. 

Archangels in Tarot

Archangels are the chief angels, like many others the messengers of wisdom, knowledge and protection of the light within and outside of you. Archangels serve the god conscious. Some can be bigger, more powerful presence, others are soft, gentle, healers, wisdom keepers, soul keepers, gate keepers and protectors of the human are their purpose. Here are some of the archangels and their purposes.

Archangel Gabriel: Golden and the keeper of the secret that the light is the hidden treasure inside of us. The truth keeper of the oneness and the invisible lines of parallel on either side of the white and golden light that connects us from the top all the way to the bottom. The masculine and the feminine. When connected and working in balance, the infusion into the light of god consciousness, the higher self, the human and the ancestors. The magic of the energy is powerful, will be in full balance, and lights up the ether with a spectrum of white and gold.

Archangel Michael: Is the protector of the realm and the keeper of the light of the true power that is not owned, and can’t be held in the possession of any human within the human world. We are the human piece of the puzzle needed to be of service but the keepers of the light and the power allows us to be given only what we are ready to hold without the need for ownership. The ability to disconnect from people or situations are left in the free will choice of the human, but the protection is always quietly there waiting to be invited in. The guardian of our hearts and the protector of the travelers through human, astral or trance is the right hand side of the god conscious guard, Michael. As we contain the hidden treasure in us then we are always guarded and protected until our time on earth is done and the light returns to the place of origin. 

Archangel Raphael: A healer of all and a light of pure love for all at the front, the back, and all around the ability to heal is built on love, light and compassion for all. A beautiful green light, a protector and healer of the heart. He may be gentle and soft but never underestimate for you are not the healer, but the conduit for those of the higher, ascended levels to perform the healing needed. We call upon Raphael to invoice the faith in the ability to promote self-healing and to invite the spirit world to provide the information needed to remove the blocked areas created by the human stories. 

Archangel Arial/Uriel: The Angel of love and destiny and also a masculine/feminine energy. Arial feminine and Uriel masculine. Ariel helps with overcoming fear and worries, boosting a sense of courage and confidence when needed. Known as the angel of nature, overseeing the protection and healing of animals and places on Earth. Here to help you reach your full potential in life, and can assist in setting goals, overcoming obstacles, illuminating your way through the darkness. Call on Arial/Uriel to aid in making decisions, resolving conflicts, solving problems, and in learning new information. Also known to assist in the removal of destructive emotions such as fear, anxiety and anger. 

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