More Than Existing™ Academy of Higher Consciousness.

A place where all are welcome to come, explore, and immerse in knowledge.

More Than Existing™ Academy of Higher Consciousness was created with an intention to be a place of conversion transitioning from a life of “have to be” to “I chose to change.” A message for us all as a reminder to become the happiest, most content version of self.

This is a place, and a movement to the way that we explore and achieve success! To achieve spiritual growth, emotional, spiritual healing, and maturity are a must!

More Than Existing™ Academy of Higher Consciousness is a way home. A change in direction and perception of how we should be, to allowing ourselves to become whole, embodying love and light.

We welcome you here, and invite you to explore the many available on-demand and live online courses, workshops, masterclass, coaching services, and meditations. There are a variety of FREE and paid course options, along with a variety of course creators within the More Than Existing™ Academy of Higher Consciousness.

~ Corrie Thorne - Cameron, Creator and Founder of More Than Existing™

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Coming up live online in the Academy!

Living Your Design Masterclass

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

January 9 - February 6, 2024

7pm PST | 8pm MST

9 sessions - Live Online and Interactive + BONUS 1-1 Private Session

$333 (Early Bird). $444 (Regular price)

*Birth information is required including time of birth. Must be 18 years of age or older to register*


Explore our selection of self-guided courses and membership opportunities!

Discover the Angelic Realm

Corrie Thorne (Divine Channel, Psychic Medium, & Emotional / Spiritual Consultant) shares her ability to channel the Angelic Realm in a series of courses to help all discover the power of feeling lighter, freer, and liberated from the past.

$29.99 / monthly subscription available

** Includes a bundle of 4 courses **

  • Channeling the Guardian Angels
  • Connecting with Angels
  • Enhancing Your Intuition and Working with the Angels
  • The Forgotten Beauty of Earth Angels


Mystical & Magical

Welcome to a world that allows us to see and believe in the magic of a world that each and everyone will see in their own way. This is the beautiful process of allowing the curiosity and wonder to return. 

$27.99 / monthly subscription available

** Includes a bundle of 3 courses **

  • The Magical Energy of the Elements and Dragons
  • The Energy of the Fae & Faerie
  • Jesus, the Mary's and the Holy Realm


Support for the Healing Journey

$44 / monthly subscription available

** Includes a bundle of 4 courses **

  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Healing the Healer
  • Healing Through the Chakras
  • The Power of Prayer


The Revival Of The Divine Feminine "Goddess Within" Masterclass Series

The Revival of the Divine Feminine "The Goddess Within" Masterclass Series is a commitment and journey to dive deep into the aspects and essence of your true self.

$34 / monthly subscription available

** Includes a bundle of 4 courses **

  • The Way Home to You
  • Creating Your Heaven on Earth
  • The Soul Revival of the Virtuous Self
  • The Soul Revival of the "Confident" Goddess Within


Human Design

Imagine the possibilities that are in store when you remember who you are and why you are here. There is so much to discover when you take the journey deep into your Human Design. We hope you will take that deep dive back to your authentic self with us. Enjoy the journey!

- Lisa Richard, Certified Living Your Design Guide


Guided Meditations with Corrie Thorne

Enjoy Corrie's wide selection of complimentary Guided Meditations hosted on

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